What the Guides say…

“I like to go camping and have fun.  I love earning lots of badges it makes me feel proud.”

“I like spending time with the people I have met whilst being a Guide.”

“I love the independence and the trips – oh, and keeping the leaders up all night at camp!”

“Guides makes you feel special and part of a group of caring people.”

“Guides feels like a family.”

“I enjoy going camping because we do lots of activities and it’s very fun!”

“Guides is special because it makes me feel like I have a say in something big.”

“The thing I like most about Guides is meeting up with my friends and doing really fun things like camp and quizzes and crafts.”

“Being a Guide is special because I know I’m helping a community.”

“I like Guides because I get to learn new skills, experience new things and meet new people.”

“I don’t just like Guides, I love it!  I love Guides because there are all sorts of activities to do and we are trusted and given freedom.”

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