Rainbow Helpers and Brownie Helpers

If you’ve been a Guide for a year or more, there are opportunities to become a Brownie Helper or Rainbow Helper to gain leadership skills and experience working in Rainbow or Brownie Units.

Rainbow/Brownie Helpers very often go on to become Young Leaders when they leave Guides, and the leadership experience they have already gained by helping in the Units is very valuable and useful, especially when they reach sixteen, if they decide to do the Adult Leadership Qualification.

Would you like to help out at a Brownie or Rainbow Unit? 
We have 4 Rainbow Units and 5 Brownie Units in Barnehurst, so there is plenty of choice!

Firstly, think about which section you’d like to help with… Rainbows are aged 5-7 and Brownies are aged 7-10. 

Then, pick the night of the week which is most convenient for you:
1st Barnehurst Rainbows – Wednesdays, at St. Martin’s
2nd Barnehurst Rainbows – Mondays, at Parkside Hall
3rd Barnehurst Rainbows – Tuesdays, at Barnehurst Methodist Church
4th Barnehurst Rainbows – Fridays, at St. Martin’s

1st Barnehurst Brownies – Tuesdays, at Barnehurst Methodist Church
2nd Barnehurst Brownies – Mondays, at St. Martin’s
3rd Barnehurst Brownies – Thursdays, at St. Martin’s
6th Barnehurst Brownies – Wednesdays, at St. Martin’s

If you have been a Guide for coming up to, or over, a year and are interested in being a Rainbow or Brownie Helper, speak to Vicky at Guides and she will put you in touch with the leader of the unit you would like to help at.  You need to be sensible, reliable, self-confident, patient and to enjoy working with young children.

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