The A to Z story

We had a go at creating a 26 word story using all 26 letters of the alphabet in order for the first letters of the words. Here are some of our creations:

A Bear Came Down Elegantly From Giving His Individual Jelly King Lemons, Meaning No One Paid Queen Relish Some Tomatoes Under Very Wet X-rays Yelling Zebras.

Always bees carry daffodils enthusiastically from great houses in jelly karts lots mermaid netball once past queens racing some trampolines under volleyball with xylophones younger zoom.

A big caring donkey eventually forgave giraffe however it’s jokey kangaroo lied making nemo poop. queen Rory seriously talked upon victory within xylophone yellow zoos.

Animal Bed Care Dab Egg Fall Good Hello I’m Jelly Kelly Live Maya Noise Oh Pear Queen Rich Silly Tilly Unicorn Violet With Xylophone Young Zoo.

A beaver came driving excellent for great hungry igloo just keen lemonade Monday nowhere off path the queen races slowly towards umbrella violet went xylophone yelling Zimbabwe.

A bed came down elegantly from Gatwick happy interesting jelly kind lime meant nothing on paint queen radish some terrible under vanquished wet xylophones yelling zoom.

Thank you to the leader (Sophie) who shared this activity!! It was hilarious 😀

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